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Product Image (REW202)

Horizontal Autoclave

  • Product Type:Horizontal Autoclave
  • Usage:Industrial
  • Application:Horizontal Autoclave
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:10 Days
Product Image (REW-R201)

Food Sterilizer

Price: 470000 INR/Piece

Retort Processing Unit consisting of a horizontal retort, pump for coolant water, The details are as follows. 1. With radial locking system. 2. Capacity: 15 kg of products packed in pouches/cans 3. The trays made of Stainless Steel perforated sheets 3 mm thick 4. Appropriate insulation with SS cladding. 5. With pressure gauge, safety valves and calibrated thermometers. 6. Provision (probes) to measure product temperature at three different locations and another probe for recording retort chamber temperature. 7. With automated Fo value calculation system. 8. Fully automated Program Logic Controller (PLC), based control system. 9. Steam, air and coolant water injection lines with nozzles/sprayers, Neoprene gasket etc. 10.Retort inner chamber and outer cover made of good quality 304 steel 11.Retort fully insulated as specified. Operating Pressure and Temperature: 25 PSI max 130 Deg C max Steam Generators: Suitable steam generation facility with immersion heater of 9 KW cap each with control Panel to set process temp, pressure and low level cut off to protect the immersion heaters. The process water can be replenished by the coolant high pressure pump. Water spray System: A circulation pump in SS with an inline steam injection system to enable the retort to work under water spray technology. Provision for automatic regulation of water level in retort. Interconnecting Pipe lines: The interconnecting lines with isolating valves located at convenient points for easy operation. The entire pipeline required during installation to fit into given space must be provided by the firm. Supporting Structure: The supporting structure made of good quality stainless steel square or round tubes. Structure must accommodate tank to store coolant water and act as drain tank. Accessories and utilities: *Suitable compressor with SS pipeline connecting the retort *Storage tank with connecting pipeline in SS *SS trolleys 3 ft x 2 ft with Aluminum perforated trays *Any other accessory required for successful running of the system Installation and commissioning Safety certifications to be submitted: Above plant and utilities must be delivered, installed and commissioned at our Centre without any extra cost. We can provide you with the premium hot water spray retorts. The batch Hot water Spray Retort heated with water under pressure are perfect for beverages and other food industries. In this Hot Water Spray Retort Steam boils the water in a separate tank and make it 121 C inside the food / bottles centre area. Since it is indirect methods of making the product sterilize. It will give good texture and taste. Boiler will remain active during making water 121 C and then product at 121 C. Features 1.The Hot Water Spray Retorts allow for pasteurization with minimum process water, direct heating and indirect cooling. These will be no touch between cooling water and process water, successfully avoiding secondary contamination. 2.The Hot Water Spray Retorts also boast perfect pressure control. During the whole processing procedure, the pressure is constantly adjusted to adapt to the changing pressure inside product package. They ideally keep package deformation to a minimum, well suitable for Gas packaging and two piece can packaging. 3.The noise of Hot Water rain retorts is extremely low creating a quiet and comfortable working environment. 4.The advanced and suitable DELTA PLC control system ensures our clients are able to timely locate replacement parts of the batch retorts across the world reducing down time. 5.The Hot Water Spray Retort / Sterilization equipment makes it convenient to configure automatic corollary equipment for unmanned food workshops in the future. 6.The whole sterilization process adopts PLC fully automatic linearity control via the PLC control, the temperature difference of thermal distribution is limited within ± 0.5C. The Hot Water Spray Retort Sterilizer allow for multi-stage heating, effectively saving energy. It also has an additional F value recorder (optimal) capable of storing 100 scheduled process Applications The Hot Water Spray Retorts are well application for a wide range of thermal resistant packaging materials. 1.Plastic Container : PP Bottles, HDPE Bottles.